Rylan rolling over........

Rylan Scott Welker

Rylan was born Nov. 19, 2009 at 12:25 pm. He weighed
8 lbs and 8 oz. and was 20 inches long.
I think he looks huge in this picture.

Waiting for his final check before we could go home.
We are so happy to have this added blessing to our family!
It was all worth it!!

Floating the Dry Bed - only in Idaho :)

What do they do in Idaho for fun?
They find some old inner tubes and float
the dry bed.

You have to find a good place to get in and out
of the dry bed. This float actually took them
3 hours. It was heaven for me, it kept
Tayler entertained.

Briana and Tayler had a minor accident their
bottoms hit a big rock and scrapped their butts.
Briana has a worse bruise from her floating the
dry bed than from being hit by another car.
It has been almost a week and her bruise is still purple.

Bye, see you in 3 hours.

Crazy Madsen Family

11:02 PM by Serena 2 comments
My dad decided we needed to get together as a family.
We all gathered at my parents home for grilled chicken,
hamburgers and hot dogs.
Part of the family was missing - Mom was in Utah with
Lorinda and her new twins, Shawn was on his honeymoon with
his new wife Alice Ann and we missed Brandon and Jennifer and
their boys.

Kynsley and Briana

Dennis his wife Kim and Danielle and I.

Clint, my neice Courtney and Jackie's roommate Lisa.

Some of the nieces.

August 2009 a month of Change...

On August 5, my sister Lorinda had her twin girls, Ella and Emmie. Ella weighed 4 lbs 13 oz, and Emmie weighed 4 lbs 9 oz. These little girls spent the first 2 weeks in the NICU in Provo. They are both now home and doing well. We are so excited for Lorinda and Ezra. I can't wait to see them and hold them. Congratulations!!

On August 10, we moved from Ramsey MN back to Rigby, Idaho. This will be an adjustment for our family. We are excited to be close to family, but we will miss all of our friends from Minnesota. We are grateful for all of the help we received from our family, Kris and Danielle and their 3 month old Kynsley. We put them to work for 2 days, we couldn't have done it without them.

On August 14, my older brother Shawn and Alice Ann were married. We are excited for him and I can't wait to meet Alice Ann. She is still working in Utah until December. Congratulations!! We wish you the best!!

Tayler started school on August 20, she is attending Midway Middle school. She had a hard time adjusting to a different school, but things are getting better.

Mitch started high school on August 20, 2009 at Rigby High School, Mitch is such a great kids and even gets to finish school early this year, February 25 with be Mitch's last day of school.

County Market Dollar Days

I went with Serena to dollar days...............and it was crazy. Not really sure if it was worth the $40 we saved. How much is your time worth??? Why do I have to buy a lower quality product just because it's cheaper???? We really have to stretch our dollar further right now, but cheaper is not ALWAYS better...............

Serena waiting patiently in line....... She looks great. She has been feeling great too..

Lines, lines, lines..............

Yes!!!! We got the last package of bacon...... :)

This guy couldn't keep up with the ribs. Going like hotcakes............................

I'm glad we only have to shop for fruits/vegetables, meats, and dairy. We get everything else from our own store, and get cash back each month. Maybe someday a Grocery company can provide online services and make a profit. (Who misses Simon Delivers???)

The last 4 months!!!

Well, I wanted to put some stuff down about the last 4 months of the Welker's life. We have had some very exciting changes.
First, I started a company with 2 other close friends. We launch in January and are doing well. We built it debt free, and are already cash-flow positive. We aren't paying ourselves much, but hope to be back to full salaries soon. Thanks to support of my Dad, we have been able to survive. We owe him much thanks for this. And this company will free us up to live wherever we want.

Jackie finished her 3rd year of school, excellent grades as always. She is very smart and will do great things. She is attending an internship at The Homestead Assisted Living center. She likes it a lot. It's tough on her social life cause she is working too, but she knows her goal is her education, not boys...... (LOL)

Briana decided not to continue at BYU-Idaho, so is at home working. She says she is going to go to school in the fall. We'll see....... She always has been motivated and has started her own business. Watch out World!!!!!!

Mitch and Tayler are in school. Mitch is working on his scouting and Duty to God, and looking for a job. Tayler joined Young Womens on April 4th. (I can't believe it) She is a beautiful young lady and is very high spirited. (No pics of them right now)

And the latest news. We are expecting our 5th child!!!!! How awesome is that??? Unexpected you say??? A little, but we couldn't ask for a better thing in our life/family right now. Everyone is pumped.